Friday, 19 November 2010

Sophos fire wall in SBE (Sophos Endpoint Security and Control)

I have had a problem in the in last few days where Sophos Client Firewall has stopped our Netscreen client VPN working on client PC’s running windows XP sp3.

We have contacted Sophos for support, as always deny any problem and have now sent some diagnostics to see where our software has gone wrong.

We have use Sophos SBE for nearly 3 years and as yet not had to many problems.

Does any one have any ideas why Sohos Client Firewall should suddenly stop VPN traffic on all our remote workers?
At the moment we don't have a lot of good things to say about Sophos UK Support.

Will keep you updated if we find a solution, we are looking a installing a different firewall to get us thru until Sophos sends a fix.

Well the response from Sophos has been poor, I get a feeling that they think their product would not cause any problems. Sophos fire wall installed Netscreen client VPN will not connect Sophos firewall unistalled it does. Currently using Zone alarm as a stop gap. Our remote workers are not remote workers without a secure VPN!

So why does Sophos firewall Kill Netscreen VPN?

Have decided to remove the Sophos Client Firewall (SCF)

Now unable to unistall the Client Firewall by add remove programs or msiexec.exe /qn+ /x {12C00299-B8B4-40D3-9663-66ABEA3198AB} /norestart
Sophos Support sent Script to remove Sophos products i.e. the SCF (Sophos Client Firewall)

Have now run the Sophos product removal tool to get rid of the fire wall (SCF) guess what I still have a broken firewall and antivirus. Autoupdate and Remote manager have gone.

So back to Sophos. I am not to sure what Sophos will do next, if their script can't do the job how can you get rid of Sophos. We have already rebuilt a couple of machines to get folks working.

Will be 7 days since the call was logged with Sophos Support.

Still have a Sophos Firewall (SCF) we can’t uninstall or remove Sophos have said that they are still working on the case.

I have now gone for the rebuild option to remove Sophos products.

We are still waiting for some help on the VPN issue. I have asked if the call has been escalated and how the escalation system works, no response to that question.

Has any body had a similar experience with Sophos support?

Our contract is due next year may be a time for a change.

Remote workers still not working remotely.

Well a week since a call was logged with  sophos, no solutions from Sophos. Still unable to force an uninstall of the Sophos Firewall. No feed back on teh VPN software issue.

I think the chap who is handling the call appearsto be none technical he seems unable to undertand basic IT. My current thoughts about Sophos UK support is very poor, Sophos have provided little feed back. I think Sophos Support are waiting for us to get fed up or fix the issue our selves.

My advice is if you want a supported Antivirus product don't get Sophos Firewall, as yet the support we have had has been very poor. I guess if we were a multi national with many desks the support from Sophos would have been better.

Well time to go no feed back today from Sophos Support, how hard can it be to provide advise on how to remove your own software.

2 Weeks since calling Sophos Support and I have resolved the issue my self

I think I have sorted the Sophos Vs Netscreen client VPN software problem.

Sophos Firewall creates some additional drivers when it detects the older version of Netscren VPN. These drivers can cause a blue screen (file reporting error SCFINT.SYS), if the XP machine blue screens go into Safe mode and stop the Sophos Fireall Services.

Restart normally.

Uninstall the Netscreen VPN client.

If you had to stop the Sophos Firewall services then restart them, and restart.

Hopefully will now restart.

To fix install the latest version of Netscreen Client VPN for your operating system.

Test to see if the VPN connection now works.

If all is well after a few Sophos updates you have fixed the issue.

As far as Sophos having a Sophos removal tool, it appears they don’t apart from add and remove programs.

I have been sent various things by email including and array of .reg files to remove reg keys.

I guess if you install Sophos software you are stuck with it until you rebuild.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Microsoft POC Jumpstart!

I now have the  "Microsoft POC Jumpstart Kit" and am getting ready to start looking at windows 2008 and windows 7 deployment.

Have you tried to login to the POC server PoCserver Administrator account with the provided password and failed?

If you have a UK Keyboard replace the @ with”, and you should be able to login.

Provided *@*******
Use *”*******

I have installed Virtual PC 2007 sp1 on my windows XP pro desktop and the .VHD loaded fine.

I am now looking forward to getting a test environment setup to test some of the deployment options for windows 7 desktop.

There seems plenty of tools on the Microsoft site, some only for SA (Software Assurance) customers.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Looking in side ImageX and WIM files

Remember a .wim file can contain more than one image (not a traditional block by block image) the number refers to the image in the wim.

These are just a few examples

Imagex /mountrw (read and write)
Imagex /unmount

/dir View files and directories inside .wim
/info shows xml description for the .wim

View Image information
C:\test>imagex /info test.wim 1

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
WIM Information:

GUID: {6eb66319-64a2-4205-b6e8-93357963508c}

Image Count: 1

Compression: LZX

Part Number: 1/1

Boot Index: 1

Attributes: 0x8

Relative path junction

Available Image Choices:


More stuff

The number 1 specifies which image to look at.
Directory of all files and directories in selected WIM image
C:\test>imagex /dir test.wim 1

Returns a directory listing of all files.

Mount WIM file Image and view contents
C:\test>imagex /mountrw test.wim 1 c:\test\mount

ImageX Tool for Windows
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Mounting (RW): [C:\test\test.wim, 1] ->


Successfully mounted image (RW).

C:\test>cd mount

Volume in drive C has no label.

Volume Serial Number is B0CB-1560

Directory of C:\test\mount

19/01/2008 12:05 0 File(s) 0 bytes

Program Files

19/01/2008 12:05
23/01/2008 19:04

5 Dir(s) 27,895,529,472 bytes free
Unmount .wim

C:\test>imagex /unmount c:\test\mount

ImageX Tool for Windows

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Unmounting: [c:\test\mount]...

Successfully unmounted image.

Microsoft Technet for further information on .wim files


Monday, 11 October 2010

Dell Laptop Power Supplies (PSU)

Have had a Dell Inspiron 1545 on the bench, with a few issues.

I managed to get the laptop to charge, then it started to report it didn't like the PSU and won't charge.

A bit of  a google round and found that dell and may be other laptop manufactures powers upplies are a bitsmarter than I thought. The PSU sends an ID bit or other data to the laptop to say what type of Power Supply is fitted?

"The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your System will operate slower and the battery will not charge."

I tried another Dell psu and the message disappears.

The Dell laptop Power Supply plug has an outer and inner metal contact, but with a PIN in the middle which send ID DATA to teh Dell Laptop.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Tel domain names ?

I have had a couple of tel domain names for a while now. I was curious as to what the tel domain name had to offer over standard etc.

The main difference was no hosting needed a definite bonus but what could I do with them?

What I wanted was an easy way to advertise phone numbers and Business address’s for small business located around Yeovil and Somerset. So I bought my first, I wanted a name which appeared top level (May not be the best Choice).

One of the best bits for me is just been able to add a new folder and populate with new subfolders including local business (these folders can contain Phone numbers, web address, notes heading, a small logo, Google map and most other forms of web based communication.

I have now created a new site called using my tel domains to provide the information into my standard html web site.

I have used an Iframe to display the folders I need on each page. There are other options using cgi and PHP which I plan to look at soon. There is some useful advice on the website for developers.

You can back your domain up into an xml file so you can restore etc if things go wrong.

The tel domain has saved me from creating mysql databases and a lot of PHP.

I am looking at the SEO advantages, the main obvious one is there is plenty of text and no flash graphics.

As with most domain names the cybersquatters have taken some of the better names but I am sure there are still some good combinations to have. I managed to get which lists some local caravan companies.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Fake Antivirus

More Fake antvirus

Have recently had a few laptops thru with a fake antivirus appearing on the screen, on the most recent case I found I could start spybot search and destroy and AVG scanning prior to the Fake av process starting.

Spy bot found some threats, which I removed and AVG found the Fake AV threat which was removed and cleaned up.
So if you have a fake av product appear, restart the PC / Laptop.
As soon as the system will let you set your real Antivirus to scan. The fake av screens may appear but hopefully your antivirus is doing a full scan.

Just to make sure I would normally boot to safe mode and scan again.

With the system logged in normally make sure all windows updates are applied and Antivirus updated.

Remember be very careful where you surf and which emails you open.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fake Antivirus and security software removal tips

I have seen an increase of Fake antivirus and security software, even PC’s and Laptops with Nortons and Mcafee products installed.

My standard fix which works in most cases is to boot to safe mode F8 and run Spybot Search and destroy. This normally finds the culprits, you may need to run a couple of times to make sure it is clean.

Run your AV product with latest updates just to make sure.

The dangerous bit for those that know what they are doing!!

I have had some which are more reluctant this normally involves using booting into windows and using Msconfig from the run box, check the startup tab, this displays all items that are set to run at startup via the registry.

I normal use this method when I have a hidden process that refuses to stop and keeps on recreating its self.

Look at the list for an entry that appears to be a random selection of letters and numbers, untick and apply. Wait a few seconds and refresh the startup list to see if another entry appears the same as the one unticked. If a new entry doesn’t appear then re tick, if a new entry appears you may have found the culprit start file.

I then normally go into safe mode and uncheck the file.

This is just my thoughts and don’t provide the full picture these are just some steps I take on the route to cleaning a pc / laptop.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

For Sale: Fake POS Devices

This is an article from Trend Micro.
For Sale: Fake POS Devices

My Thoughts
I have always been suspicious of chip and pin.

The banks will always say it is a more secure way of handling transactions. A chip and pin unit reads a card and relays your pin, albeit encrypted when it leaves the POS device.
I guess if you type your pin incorrectly you won’t get the pin fail but the same transaction error devised by the unscrupulous.
All this box needs to do is capture card information so it can be cloned and the all important PIN.

I am sure my local main brand shops in Yeovil are all squeaky clean.

This is an article from Trend Micro.
For Sale: Fake POS Devices

Thursday, 24 June 2010

A small diversion from matters computing

I have been nagged for a while by my son to build a water bottle rocket.

My son has made a video of progress so far. We have mastered a pressure system and pipes. We need to now make a stable base and sort out a release mechanism.

It certainly goes with a big bang when the bottle losses grip on the tube.

We have used a bike tyre valve, garden hose and various pipe fittings to get a 22mm launch tube (needed to reduce the 22mm down a little with sand paper and wire wool).

Friday, 11 June 2010

Recreating operating system partition from a Dell factory.wim

I had to replace the hard disk in a Dell XPS m1210 Laptop, I had made a copy of the recovery partition.

I used a vista install DVD to boot and sort partitions and copied the factory.wim file and imagex.exe from the Dell recovery files \tools\imagex.exe and dell\image\factory.wim
I created two partitions one for windows and a 10gb Partition for recovery files.
How I reinstalled the factory defaults from a Dell Factory.wim
Installed the new disk in Laptop, (only a 120gb)
Restoring the Del .wim
Boot the laptop with the Vista install dvd, you will need to go to the install option (this is after the country selections).
Follow the install until you arrive at the disk partition screen. If it is a new disk there will probably be no partitions. If there are partitions delete them (unless you need the data), and reformat each partition (in my case I created a first partition of 100gb and a second partition of 10gb).
Once the disk is partitioned and formatted I exited the install and returned to the repair options, go to the command prompt.

My cd was E:, first partition was C: and second D:

I popped the install DVD out of the drive and inserted my DVD with the factory.wim and Imagex.exe files.

I navigated to the DVD and imagex.exe file, at the command prompt I typed.

Imagex /apply factory.wim 1 c:\

After a short while the file was installed, I did one last step.

I popped the install DVD backing and ran repair to make sure that the boot records etc were in correct.

I restarted and I was back with a fresh install of Dell software on my Dell XPS M1210

My Dell XPS

Dell XPS M1210, 2ghz Proc, 1gb Mem, 12” screen, vista ratting 4.5

I now just need to sort the left touchpad button and replace the battery

The disk was £34.90, I am hoping that ebay will come to the rescue on the battery and touch pad.

My main concern at the moment is the heat that is coming out, but a quick blast of air will I am sure keep things in check.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2007 certificate expiry

Microsoft Exchange 2007 certificate expiry, Error in Windows Application logs

The STARTTLS certificate will expire soon: subject: exchserv.local, hours remaining:

This will occur if you are relying on the default certificates, you will need to update yearly.

On the exchange server 2007 which need new certificate, to see current certificate

Get-ExchangeCertificate | List

You will need to make a note of the services, IMAP, POP, IIS and SMTP

Now to add a new certificate


You will see the expiry date and various options, say yes to all

Now check the new certificate

Get-ExchangeCertificate | List

And make sure all services are included; in my case IIS service never loads the new certificate, so you need to add the new certificate to the missing IIS service.

Get the Thumbprint value from the new certificate. “Get-ExchangeCertificate |

Enable-ExchangeCertificate –Thumbprint 67666866126376newone -Service IIS

Now remove the old certificate

Remove-ExchangeCertificate –Thumbprint 26556556565657565675oldvalue

When you “Get-ExchangeCertificate | List” you should have the new certificate with the original services.

You can always buy a certificate, which will last longer than a year.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

A view of a MacBook Screen Replacement by a muscian

I have the pictures which Andy placed on Facebook.

My best tip is have a Guitar Plectrum in your tool box.

"...oh yeah, that would pop the surround off nicely! I've just got a replacement screen to put in after I cracked the last one." (Andy)

Apple Macbook with out a screen (looks like s normal laptop)

A working Screen on Apple Mac Book.

Well done Andy, Saved your self a packet.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Changing Broadband provider

I decided to change provider from Tiscali (Talk Talk) to Plusnet.

I had problems finding a 5* rating for a UK broadband provider in all areas. I wanted a UK based company with UK call centre, that would have a short contract period in case it all went horribly wrong.

Tiscali provided the MAC code within an hour of my call, so can’t fault that. I used the code straight away. Within hours Talk Talk were on the phone trying to give me an even better deal, I just said the MAC code had been used, they just hung up.

(The last time Talk Talk Called I managed to keep the Sales person on the phone for 30 Mins at there cost I kept asking technical questions which the operator had to keep finding someone to answer.)

The switch over has happened with 10 days, so far so good. There has been excellent communication right thru the process. seem to have Broadband features which I couldn’t find with other ISP’s. The broad band control panel has options to monitor usage, type of traffic and a ISP based firewall which can block all inbound or allow ports for those techies with Mail servers and there own web server. I can have a Static IP address for a minimal one of £5 so I will be able to get my remote access sorted.
The overall speed seems quicker, I think that there is less throttling going on at Plusnet.

My broadband speed has increased in the last few years but the overall pc to the internet appears to have slowed since the Talk Talk takeover of Tiscali!
I am sure I have heard that is part of BT.
My FON hotspot wifi spot is still working over I had a short period (about a day) with out broad band. But I was still able to surf using a neighbors BT_FON hot spot.

My local telephone exchange in Yeovil (WWYEOV) is a Market 2, which means that 2 or 3 providers provide broad band services. Market 3 (Cheaper) 4 or more including BT. I am trying to confirm that the exchange is Market 2 and not Market 3. We have 3 ISP's excluding BT, I assume BT provide Broadband as well.

A good source of Telephone exchange information.

Up to 8Mb broadband from £9.99 per month. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mcafee Antivirus removing SVCHOST File DAT 5958

Mcafee AV products have falseley detected a problem with svchost.exe and then removes the false threat.
The updates since Wednesday, April 21st (DAT 5958).

How to Fix Mcafee DAT 5958 False detection
The Mcafee fix available from Mcafee's website, boot to safe mode and run the the downloaded file!
This involves downloading to another machine and using a cd etc to take to the affected machine. The fix worked a treat.

All the fix does is clear the problem update and reinstates the SVCHOST.exe file.

This is a major issue for Mcafee, but they have put their hands up, it is going to cost customers time and money to rectify. The fix worked a treat on a single user home pc I am glad I haven't to fix a whole corporate network.

Mcafee offer free support for those users effected, it appears a link has been made available in the on line support area (once you have logged in).

There may be an offer to get a free extension on the product, but you will need to apply within 30 days of the released update Wednesday, April 21st (DAT 5958).

If you need support from Mcafee they have contact details ref this DAT 5958 issue.

The symptom I saw were no network, windows defender error, Mcafee woud not open, internet explorer and other network applications

The scare merchants are now trying to cash in on the issue with a range of spam emails been sent.

I use sophos at work and AVG antivirus at home.
Link to Graham Cluley’s blog at Sophos a great source of Security information

Monday, 5 April 2010

Windows File no applications associated with file

Windows losing file associations, windows XP and Vista.

I have seen two systems lose file associations with .exe after being on line in the last few days one windows XP and a windows Vista.

There was a loss of some applications at startup and  applications requiring a .exe would not run.

Microsoft had a fix for windows vista

I managed to find a reg file to repair windows XP registry settings for file associations I used "xp_exe_fix.reg" downloaded from

Neither user said that they had been prompted to download a file, which they had tried to stop.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Compaq Evo620 - Windows 7

Compaq Evo laptop install Windows 7

What an easy task installing windows 7 on this old Compaq EVO laptop.

I set the bios default settings, connected network cable, loaded the trial windows 7 dvd in the drive, said yes to all the questions (I formatted the existing drive).

When the install had finished the only hardware not working was the sound card (I did not try the wireless card, they won't work with xp correctly). I went to device manager and selected the sound card hardware and said update, and it did update.

For wifi I popped in a random Belkin pcmia card and few seconds later had installed it self and is working fine.

I added AVG Antivirus so I can test out for a few weeks.

The laptop is running reasonably well
The laptop spec is:-

I can't say will be as easy as this for all systems, I have installed on an old Del D600 which involved alot more effort

Monday, 29 March 2010

Adding an update to WSUS prior to release to WSUS

Selecting updates that are in the Microsoft Update Catalog but have yet not been released to WSUS. The Microsoft Update Catalog will also allow you to search for a specific update, then download the update so it can be installed at a later stage.

(Make sure auto approval is disabled)

Open up the WSUS console

Head to the bottom of the WSUS console page and select under the Resources tab, Microsoft Update Catalog.

Microsoft Update Catalog page
A browser window opens and prompts for you to install an activex, install and proceed to the “Microsoft Update Catalog page”

Enter update number in search box

Add updates, and the select basket (top page), Select import, and select wsus server

WSUS Console
In WSUS console, approve / disapprove the new updates

If Auto approve was set to on, then now reset to Auto approve

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Microsoft Browser Choice update, Prevent Browser Choice running on startup and WSUS

Microsoft Browser Choice update KB976002

Have just noticed "Browser Choice update" appear on some client pc's.  Very nice of Microsoft to give us the choice! I could not see an easy way of removing it, it didn't disappear on its own, in the end I had to edit the registry to remove the RUN entry at startup.

KB976002 – Browser Choice, This KB976002 is classified by Microsoft as: High Priority, Non-Security

I think this is in rsponse to EU regulations.

BBC News "Browser Choice"

Microsoft on The Issues Blog

what-is-the-browser-choice-update (Microsoft explanation)

What does the browser Choice screen look like? It is a web based process, which displays the following screen.
(link to browser Choice Screen)

How to prevent the Browser Choice window opening on startup,

If you have a different browser set as default (not Internet explorer) the choice window should not open.

I ran "Msconfig" to see where the correct key was in the registry (under Run) and then used "regedit" to remove it.
HCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\run and remove the key for  BrowserChoice, "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\browserchoice.exe" /run

(editing the registry is dangerous please only do it if you understand the risks)

Like many I thought it was a potential malware attack! It is nearly has hard to get rid of as some fake AV products.

I would have thought Microsoft would have had more press releases prior to release. Unfortunately like many business we are stuck with Microsoft.

A removal option and a large legal page to accept would have been a good option. To actually install this update in a way it can’t be removed is an abuse of their position, I am sure there will be some fall out.

The IT dept in the European courts are having an interesting time.

I would hate to have go around and disable this on a lot of pc’s, thank fully we use WSUS.

How to Remove Browser Choice Update KB 976002

The Browser Choice update can not be removed by using add remove programs. You can only stop it starting at startup see above.
WSUS deployment of the Browser Update KB 976002
Have been looking at how to avoid WSUS deployment of Browser Update, have set it to manually authorize updates, and now will need to keep checking until it arrives. We can then disallow the update

Microsoft Resource Centre Article on saying that the Browser Choice Update KB 976002 will be available to WSUS in April 2010! (took some finding)

A good idea From Alex, to stop WSUS installing Browser Choice Update KB 976002.

Related articles on the Browser Choice
The fall out of the browser update goes on, the Makers of the Smaller browser want to get noticed. It is not to obvious that there are more choices than visible in the main Choice Window.

Ther are bowsers listed that I have never heard of, but I am sure fill there own need. I prefer not to use Internet Explorer, but have no choice really in the corporate setting.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Upgrade vista to Windows 7 Dell XPS 1730 laptop

Upgrade vista to Windows 7 Dell XPS 1730 laptop

I had the advantage of doing a clean install of Vista Ultimate. The Dell website didn’t give any windows 7 upgrade or driver advice for this model.

I reinstalled vista with original drivers and a couple of the original apps and made sure it worked ok in its original state (no anti virus).
Compare differing version of Windows 7 (Microsoft website)

I then ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to see what it would find, the only item it reported that may cause a problem was the intel pro wireless card (this had cause a problem with the vista install getting the correct driver from Dell (several different one listed).

From the vista screen I inserted the Windows 7 Ultimate CD and followed the install and the Upgrade existing version options (numerous reboots). Once it had finished, cant remember entering to much information apart from the CD Key.

The only item which caused a problem was the Intel Pro Wifi, I just reinstalled the vista drivers and it worked!

I was expecting a lot more pain, but was pleasantly surprised how straight forward it had gone. I have seen a few horror stories, but if you follow a logical path do the pre upgrade checks and make sure all is working prior to upgrade.

Dell Advise if there is no Windows 7 Driver, then try a Windows Vista driver
For driver support from dell for windows 7

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (Laptop) 9700 Series

Have been trying to get to the bottom of the BSOD on a HP DV 9705ea laptop.

1. The system has been restored from recovery cd's, but will not fully finish install without a Blue Screen (BSOD).
2. Have tried to do a basic install of vista home premium which works fine in Safe mode (most of the time) until it has do some work or gets warm. (will some time boot normally, unless it gets warm then BSOD).

Have read numerous feed back on the HP 9700 series having a heat problem caused by poor design, insufficient heat sink and a small fan.

I have seen a video of a chap in the states repairing a over heated Graphics chip. The Nvidia Graphics chip is soldered on the board so can't just be reseated.

Have you had a similar problem?

HP Forum comments

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

FAke AV on windows

Another PC infected with Fake AV!  The machine was running windows xp fully patched and with Mcafee security suite installed.

I have taken some screen shots.I manged to boot with only essential drivers and services (msconfig) I found a process called "av.exe" once this was stopped the Fake AV stopped appearing. I then removed entries from registry (Deleting keys etc from the registry can kill your system).

Reset ie8 to defaults and deleted all temp files etc.

Ran spybot search and destroy, which found a few trojans and registry keys which had been adjusted, I just accepted the fix for all items (some probably had been changed by Mcafee).

Not to sure what Mcafee does, but there are a few obvious flaws!!

The AV.EXE had placed itself in "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\av.exe"

Screen Shots:-

Bleeping Computers have a good article on this problem

Key words on screen shots to bring on panic and a want to get the card out and pay for these software vendors to fix your none existant problem.
Attention danger
Detected 25 critical system objects
Alert system scans for spyware, adware,trojans.
XP Internet security
Activate your copy right now and get full real-time protection with internet security
xp internet security - unregistred version

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Adding the tools to view your .tel in another webpage.

It the finally worked for me, the issues I had initially were down to file paths and that I did not have dns.php. Follow the install readme from telnic.

I installed as follows.

1.    I copied the .tel tools to my cgi-bin folder (as per the telnic instructions)

2.    I created a folder called “Net” in my cgi-bin which I copied the net_dns files and folders.

3.    I edit my .htaccess file to add: AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html

I use shared hosting using Apache.

The software can be downloaded from the telnic.  Web site.

The basic requirements are  PHP 5, DNS resolver (I used the Pear Net_DNS-1.0.1.

There are many other tools available on the telnic tools page.

The .tel domain names certainly provide a good way of indexing business information, I am still learning.

A lot of .tel domains have been bought but are still not active. Check the website