Saturday, 8 May 2010

A view of a MacBook Screen Replacement by a muscian

I have the pictures which Andy placed on Facebook.

My best tip is have a Guitar Plectrum in your tool box.

"...oh yeah, that would pop the surround off nicely! I've just got a replacement screen to put in after I cracked the last one." (Andy)

Apple Macbook with out a screen (looks like s normal laptop)

A working Screen on Apple Mac Book.

Well done Andy, Saved your self a packet.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Changing Broadband provider

I decided to change provider from Tiscali (Talk Talk) to Plusnet.

I had problems finding a 5* rating for a UK broadband provider in all areas. I wanted a UK based company with UK call centre, that would have a short contract period in case it all went horribly wrong.

Tiscali provided the MAC code within an hour of my call, so can’t fault that. I used the code straight away. Within hours Talk Talk were on the phone trying to give me an even better deal, I just said the MAC code had been used, they just hung up.

(The last time Talk Talk Called I managed to keep the Sales person on the phone for 30 Mins at there cost I kept asking technical questions which the operator had to keep finding someone to answer.)

The switch over has happened with 10 days, so far so good. There has been excellent communication right thru the process. seem to have Broadband features which I couldn’t find with other ISP’s. The broad band control panel has options to monitor usage, type of traffic and a ISP based firewall which can block all inbound or allow ports for those techies with Mail servers and there own web server. I can have a Static IP address for a minimal one of £5 so I will be able to get my remote access sorted.
The overall speed seems quicker, I think that there is less throttling going on at Plusnet.

My broadband speed has increased in the last few years but the overall pc to the internet appears to have slowed since the Talk Talk takeover of Tiscali!
I am sure I have heard that is part of BT.
My FON hotspot wifi spot is still working over I had a short period (about a day) with out broad band. But I was still able to surf using a neighbors BT_FON hot spot.

My local telephone exchange in Yeovil (WWYEOV) is a Market 2, which means that 2 or 3 providers provide broad band services. Market 3 (Cheaper) 4 or more including BT. I am trying to confirm that the exchange is Market 2 and not Market 3. We have 3 ISP's excluding BT, I assume BT provide Broadband as well.

A good source of Telephone exchange information.

Up to 8Mb broadband from £9.99 per month. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.