Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Mcafee Antivirus removing SVCHOST File DAT 5958

Mcafee AV products have falseley detected a problem with svchost.exe and then removes the false threat.
The updates since Wednesday, April 21st (DAT 5958).

How to Fix Mcafee DAT 5958 False detection
The Mcafee fix available from Mcafee's website http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?id=TS100969&cid=77152, boot to safe mode and run the the downloaded file!
This involves downloading to another machine and using a cd etc to take to the affected machine. The fix worked a treat.

All the fix does is clear the problem update and reinstates the SVCHOST.exe file.

This is a major issue for Mcafee, but they have put their hands up, it is going to cost customers time and money to rectify. The fix worked a treat on a single user home pc I am glad I haven't to fix a whole corporate network.

Mcafee offer free support for those users effected, it appears a link has been made available in the on line support area (once you have logged in).

There may be an offer to get a free extension on the product, but you will need to apply within 30 days of the released update Wednesday, April 21st (DAT 5958).

If you need support from Mcafee they have contact details ref this DAT 5958 issue.


The symptom I saw were no network, windows defender error, Mcafee woud not open, internet explorer and other network applications

The scare merchants are now trying to cash in on the issue with a range of spam emails been sent.

I use sophos at work and AVG antivirus at home.
Link to Graham Cluley’s blog at Sophos a great source of Security information

Monday, 5 April 2010

Windows File no applications associated with file

Windows losing file associations, windows XP and Vista.

I have seen two systems lose file associations with .exe after being on line in the last few days one windows XP and a windows Vista.

There was a loss of some applications at startup and  applications requiring a .exe would not run.

Microsoft had a fix for windows vista


I managed to find a reg file to repair windows XP registry settings for file associations I used "xp_exe_fix.reg" downloaded from http://www.dougknox.com/xp/file_assoc.htm.

Neither user said that they had been prompted to download a file, which they had tried to stop.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Compaq Evo620 - Windows 7

Compaq Evo laptop install Windows 7

What an easy task installing windows 7 on this old Compaq EVO laptop.

I set the bios default settings, connected network cable, loaded the trial windows 7 dvd in the drive, said yes to all the questions (I formatted the existing drive).

When the install had finished the only hardware not working was the sound card (I did not try the wireless card, they won't work with xp correctly). I went to device manager and selected the sound card hardware and said update, and it did update.

For wifi I popped in a random Belkin pcmia card and few seconds later had installed it self and is working fine.

I added AVG Antivirus so I can test out for a few weeks.

The laptop is running reasonably well
The laptop spec is:-

I can't say will be as easy as this for all systems, I have installed on an old Del D600 which involved alot more effort