Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Malware issue on windows 7 64bit Home

Malware issue on windows 7 64bit Home

Recent malware issue on a client Laptop, have seen the same issue before but ended up by rebuilding the PC.


When browsing the internet advertisements would appear on the browsing screen.

A proxy server had been set to point to the local client.


The laptop had Microsoft Security essentials installed, when a full scan was run no issues were found (not surprised, may have been taken over by the underlying issue).

Installed Spybot Search and Destroy from Safer Networking, updated and ran a full scan, numerous issues were found and resolved.

The advertisements were still appearing, some major issues had been removed by spybot but the system was still infected.

Installed AVG free from Grisoft, AVG Free found some Trojans and removed them.

Still the advertisements were appearing,

Now installed the free version of Malwarebytes from, updated and scanned the system. Even more issues found, these issues were connected with the Advertisements (Dnscon

). Malwarbytes removed the issues, no more advertisements and proxy redirects.

In Conclusion

If your first security tool doesn’t find an issue some additional tools, make sure you use reputable providers and you down load from their websites. There are some good tools, but always think why is something free,


Proxy being set to point to local ip address

Advertising pop up on web page (ebay adverts)

PC Slow

Windows 7

Microsoft security essentials not identifying mal ware