Friday, 24 June 2011

Remote control scammer, taking control of your PC or Laptop

Have you had some one phone and say that your pc is infected or has some issue?

I provide support to home pc and laptop users in Yeovil in Somerset. I have had three customers phone about their pc’s been taken over by a remote user (Scammer) and having a phone conversation trying to sell support.

Have you been contacted of suffered this problem, I am trying to piece together how this is happening and how generally only more senior PC and Laptop users are been targeted.

Thank fully the folks I have spoken to have not parted with their money.
I would always say never give credit card or bank details to any company that phones with out invitation and says you have a problem. This also applies if you have strange windows appear telling you that your computer is infected and that if you pay they will clean you pc.

Don't enter any codes or assist them in any way, turn your pc off and hang up.
Don’t be afraid of hanging up your phone or turning your pc off.
If you can make a note of any phone numbers, company or other names used. Let the local police and Trading standards know.
Has you pc been taken over by remote control with out your permission by these scammers?
Good article from Guy at another Yeovil Support company in the local paper.