Saturday, 30 January 2010

Adding the tools to view your .tel in another webpage.

It the finally worked for me, the issues I had initially were down to file paths and that I did not have dns.php. Follow the install readme from telnic.

I installed as follows.

1.    I copied the .tel tools to my cgi-bin folder (as per the telnic instructions)

2.    I created a folder called “Net” in my cgi-bin which I copied the net_dns files and folders.

3.    I edit my .htaccess file to add: AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .html

I use shared hosting using Apache.

The software can be downloaded from the telnic.  Web site.

The basic requirements are  PHP 5, DNS resolver (I used the Pear Net_DNS-1.0.1.

There are many other tools available on the telnic tools page.

The .tel domain names certainly provide a good way of indexing business information, I am still learning.

A lot of .tel domains have been bought but are still not active. Check the website