Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Using your own router with BT Broadband - BT Router settings

Used to configure a belkin Router to use BT Broadband. I used the following Router settings.

BT Settings


ip provided by ISP
DNS set automatically

The belkin router needed a password so I used bt as the password, according the BT forums the Password isn't needed but can be used and the user name can be anything@btbroadband.com.

You will have problems getting support from BT if using your Router / Hub so it will be worth keeping the BT Home Hub in case you have a problem so you can put it back on the line.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Asking for Support from BT

Asking for Support from BT, I recently had to reconfigure a router for a client (their own) not a BT Hub, The router had been working for a good few months. The BT line looked hopeful (uploads and Download speed shown) but the router would not connect.
I asked the support representative to confirm the correct ADSL Parameters and whether I needed a login name and Password.
The Support rep was based in an offshore call center and was working of a script and was polite. She could not understand me and I could not understand her I asked to speak to a supervisor without success, but she would disappear and return with and answer to a question. Even after an hour I was no wiser but more frustrated, I asked for a test on the Broadband to make sure it was ok at the exchange, but she did not understand. I left frustrated and no closer to solving the BT Broadband issue.

I swapped to Plusnet a few years ago and there support is UK Based and they have been very helpful.
I guess until BT Broadband brings their support back into the UK or have the option of a UK call center for call escalation the situation will not improve for BT customers.
My advice if you just want to use broadband out of the Box BT Broadband should be ok, no configuration just connect and go. If you need to be able to use your own router use a different provider Plusnet worked for me and they have been helpful. Plusnet is Part of BT.
 A work colleague has an issue with her new BT Home Broadband, this a new broadband setup out in a remote area. BT has sent the router but the broadband it has worked briefly. They have spent a good few hours with BT Home Broad band support at last an engineer is visiting to check the line. (Which may be too far from the exchange for Broadband)?

I have had to assist clients in proving that it is the BT installation that is faulty, this will normally involve connecting your broadband router directly to the BT line via the BT Master Socket, you need to carefully remove the front plate 2 Screws, this section should unplug, you need to be careful if there are extensions socket wired of the rear of this plate.

You can now plug into the exposed BT socket. This socket to the exchange is BT’s the cables from the unplugged face plate are normally your responsibility.
By unplugging face plate you are disconnecting all extensions and wired alarms systems!!