Thursday, 24 February 2011

Blackberry Express server IT Policy, trying to understand

Version: BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express

Blackberry Express server IT Policy, trying to understand
We seem to have a few IT policies; I guess that the default is the one that was there by default with a standard set of options.

There may only be 35 policy options but it not an easy task to work out what each policy does. There is some help with the BlackBerry® Administration Service, but it appears to be more of an overview.
Apart from the obvious IT Policy which I guess covers the device as a whole, you can also set application control policies for the various applications to down load to the Blackberry device.

I am still unsure how quickly changes in policy are applied to each Blackberry?
On the whole the feedback from users has been positive, the ability to get corporate emails, view the intranet and not having to use desktop manager to keep the device synchronized.
We have managed to push some apps Google map and Bloomberg with no issues.

More specific Application Issue
The main Application I am having an issue with is Redfly by Celio, which consist of a device which looks like a notebook, Keyboard and Screen so you can type up documents on the Blackberry. The Redfly software for the blackberry has worked fine until we deployed BES express. Even with all the IT policy setting wide open and the Application policy wide open it won’t work.

The following policy restrictions are shown:-
Phone (Prompt), (Server Network Prompt), Location Data (Prompt), internet (Prompt), Recording (Prompt), Security (prompt) and Security Timer Reset.

RIM and Blackberry support
I have been looking through and various other forums and support groups.

Rim appears to have little help for the Free Blackberry Express software. If you have any advice on the IT policies please let me know.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"NTLDR missing error" XP

Windows xp Boot error "NTLDR missing error"

Booted with Bartpe disk and copied in missing NTLDR file, checked that the and boot.ini were still present.

Rebooted normally no boot cd,

error now NTLDR compressed.

Booted with XP install CD to recovery console.

Selected R to repair
Selected windows install to login to, thankfully administrator had no password.
Navigated to root of C:, and ran attrib -c ntldr
Not to sure what attrib -c does, apart from uncompress? Atrrib -c is only available from the restore console in XP.

Rebooted system, no error.

The question now is where did the original ntldr go, the disk has a few minor errors and plenty of malware.
My favourite boot cd Bartpe.