Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Face Book

What is all fuss, me I can probably list all my friends on an A4 sheet, people I know would take a few more pages. 
So who would you give access to your sensitive information? 
Paul Ducklin of Sophos has some very useful advice and comments on Friends on his Sophos Blog "Be careful when getting into social networking. In particular:                       
Don't blindly accept friends. Treat a friend as the dictionary does, namely "someone whom you know, like and trust." A friend is not merely a button you click on. You don't need, and can't realistically claim to have, 932 true friends. Learn the privacy system of any social networking site you join. Use restrictive settings by default. You can open up to true friends later. Don't give away too much too soon.                       
Assume that everything you reveal on a social networking site will be visible on the internet for ever. Once it has been searched, and indexed, and cached, it may later turn up on-line no matter what steps you take to delete it. " (Paul Ducklin, Sophos)
I wonder if that is his real name! Sophos have some great Security Blogs, which have a serious message but sometimes in a humorous way.
Another Blogger from Sophos has some advice on the new Face book security settings