Monday, 29 March 2010

Adding an update to WSUS prior to release to WSUS

Selecting updates that are in the Microsoft Update Catalog but have yet not been released to WSUS. The Microsoft Update Catalog will also allow you to search for a specific update, then download the update so it can be installed at a later stage.

(Make sure auto approval is disabled)

Open up the WSUS console

Head to the bottom of the WSUS console page and select under the Resources tab, Microsoft Update Catalog.

Microsoft Update Catalog page
A browser window opens and prompts for you to install an activex, install and proceed to the “Microsoft Update Catalog page”

Enter update number in search box

Add updates, and the select basket (top page), Select import, and select wsus server

WSUS Console
In WSUS console, approve / disapprove the new updates

If Auto approve was set to on, then now reset to Auto approve

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