Thursday, 23 September 2010

More Fake Antivirus

More Fake antvirus

Have recently had a few laptops thru with a fake antivirus appearing on the screen, on the most recent case I found I could start spybot search and destroy and AVG scanning prior to the Fake av process starting.

Spy bot found some threats, which I removed and AVG found the Fake AV threat which was removed and cleaned up.
So if you have a fake av product appear, restart the PC / Laptop.
As soon as the system will let you set your real Antivirus to scan. The fake av screens may appear but hopefully your antivirus is doing a full scan.

Just to make sure I would normally boot to safe mode and scan again.

With the system logged in normally make sure all windows updates are applied and Antivirus updated.

Remember be very careful where you surf and which emails you open.

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