Wednesday, 24 February 2010

HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (Laptop) 9700 Series

Have been trying to get to the bottom of the BSOD on a HP DV 9705ea laptop.

1. The system has been restored from recovery cd's, but will not fully finish install without a Blue Screen (BSOD).
2. Have tried to do a basic install of vista home premium which works fine in Safe mode (most of the time) until it has do some work or gets warm. (will some time boot normally, unless it gets warm then BSOD).

Have read numerous feed back on the HP 9700 series having a heat problem caused by poor design, insufficient heat sink and a small fan.

I have seen a video of a chap in the states repairing a over heated Graphics chip. The Nvidia Graphics chip is soldered on the board so can't just be reseated.

Have you had a similar problem?

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