Saturday, 30 April 2011

First Steps into MAC computers

My daughter has just bought her first MAC Book, I have never really ventured into Apple MAC's.

Being second hand and having lots of good software installed and no recovery dvd's for the Applications  I decided it would be good to image / Clone the MAC hardisk to a fairly new larger disk. I also wanted to make sure if I messed up the installation I could just pop teh old disk in.

The windows software I normally use doesn't support OSX. I had a hunt on the web and found lowendmac. who had a great article on their site. I used SuperDuper software to make an image.

I connected my new disk via a usb Caddy, I used the MAC Disk Utility to erase (format) the new disk.
I installed SuperDuper and followed the instruction at lowendmac.  I opened up the MAC and popped the replcement disk in and it booted fine.

The previous owner had not installed any anti virus or updates, Sophos had a free MAC antivirus which was soon installed and a 1 trojan found.   

The office for MAC 2004 needed some updates and convertor to be installed so it can open .docx files.

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