Monday, 2 November 2009

mp3 - upload to Blog - podcast

Put mp3's on your blog (remember copyright)
You can upload video's and pictures to Blogger, but what if you want to upload an mp3?

To covert the mp3 file to a video,

You need
Your mp3 file
Windows Movie maker (or equivalent)
May be some pictures

How to
Open Movie maker and import the audio mp3 file.
Drag audio to "Audio time line"
You can add text caption (you can drag this along the time line so it is visible for the whole Video.
(You can now add pictures etc if you wish)
Now you need to save to "my computer", when saved movie make will play the video.

Post into Blog
Now login to your blog and upload the video (may take a while, there are size limits)

Remember copyright, and make sure that the mp3 is yours to use and make available on line.

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