Thursday, 5 November 2009

Can't open DOCX Office 2007 files

Have you just received a .DOCX attachment or .DOCX file on a memory stick?

When Microsoft released Office 2007 the default document format became .DOCX, these new file may have additional office formatting which is only available to office 2007.

So what can you do with your office 97 and no intention of buying Office 2007?

Microsoft has some free software which can easily be downloaded and installed. The “Office 2007 compatibility pack” this will allow you to open these new files in an older version of office (2000 upwards), some new features will not be carried over, but 99% of the time the document will look fine.

Once the Office 2007 compatibility pack has been installed (Just a few clicks) you will be able to open up the new .DOCX files with your current Microsoft Office software and then save as .DOC. If there was any special formatting this may be lost when it is saved.

If you don’t want to buy Microsoft Office of any version or have office 97, Microsoft has a range of office Reader software which will enable you to open and print Word Documents. (You can get a reader for most Microsoft Office applications)  MS Word Viewer upto 2007

If you are a student or work in Education you may be able to get a good deal on a student package. Lesser known is that the majority of Registered Charities may be able to buy Microsoft software cheaply as well. (Check the site)

Note:- As with all software downloads, check you are happy with the source.

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