Friday, 16 October 2009

Church of England Confirmation Service

C of E Confirmation Service

The highlights of the service for me were the straight to the point Christian Message from the Bishop and the folks who were confirming their faith. Personal testament can mean more than lots of sermons when it is from the heart.

The service included baptism for those that couldn’t remember if they were baptised as infants (Infant baptism another story).

The folks who were baptized were signed with the cross using water and then the confirmation included signing them selves with the cross using oil.

There was the unease of not knowing what to do next, I am in this church most weeks and I didn’t know what to expect.

I know all the songs were chosen so that folks would feel at home, but looking around folks were struggling with the more traditional, I just stood and focused on the words.

I am not one for loads of paper, there was none; this was one of those times I wish I had a service sheet so I could keep up with the proceedings.

It was a very good evening and it is always good to see folks growing and standing and making a declaration of Christian faith and their belief in a risen Lord.

The evening was followed in a traditional Church of England time to meet and talk with Cake and soft drinks.
All clergy and Choir were in their robes, the majority of Music was played by the Organ with the Band playing songs during Communion and as the Clergy, Choir, Wardens and Bishop processed out.

The C of E has moved on over the years, but I have a feeling the words used and sung responses may need a little adjustment (not changing the biblical importance) may be a different tune? The Sung Lords Prayer really confused everyone.

There were plenty of responses to make, If I have to make a response I like to understood what I am responding to.

St James is known for its variety of styles and service types and in some areas a bit cutting edge.

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